"Solace" Pain Relief Cream 200mg CBD

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FlowerKist by Steph Pain Relief Cream

Solace is part of FlowerKist high-end cosmeceutical line that contains licensed intellectual properties and formulas of a major pharmaceutical company. They have then added extracts from the whole Hemp plant in order to maximize the benefits of the CBD, as well as a patented technology (Cetosomes) which creates rapid absorption and increased effectiveness of the product of up to 70%. FlowerKist is backed by leading scientists as well one of the few in this industry with clinical trials proving its great effectiveness.

Enhanced with Lavender oil and Vitamin E. 50 gram container/ 200mg CBD

Cetosome Component Esters (patented technology for improved delivery and effectiveness), High Quality Organic Hemp Derived CBD, Allantoin Cream, Mineral Oil, Glycerin, Lavender, Vitamin E, Menthol