cbdMD 300MG CBD Vape Oil Orange Flavor

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cbdMD 300MG CBD Vape Oil Orange Flavor

cbdMD Vape Oil was designed specifically with you in mind by combining all of the health and medicinal benefits of CBD oil in a convenient, vapable option. Vaping CBD oil allows for CBD to be absorbed by the lungs, into the bloodstream, and across the blood-brain barrier. Meaning that vaping CBD, as opposed to oral ingestion, allows the beneficial properties to bypass the first-pass effect, with as much as four times the amount of CBD being absorbed into the body at a much quicker rate - allowing for 50 to 60% of maximum bioavailability! The initial effects of vaping can usually be felt within a few minutes and generally wear off after a couple of hours. Don’t be concerned if you don’t notice immediate relief as it could take up to 2 weeks before desired results become consistent.


  •  from organically grown American hemp which is certified non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free
  •  premium cannabinoids are extracted using only the cleanest of methods - CO2 Broad-Spectrum extraction - to ensure that every healthy property of the hemp plant is available to you.
  • all-natural CBD Oil with a PG/VG combination to provide the purest vape on the market.


All-natural sweet tangerine extract. Unlike your typical citrus – no tart here! This is CBDmd most popular flavor hands down, it has won “Best Flavor” on cbdReviews.com for the past 2 years and counting. Currently 1 of the 3 remaining finalists for the 2017 running!


Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Cannabidiol (CBD), Natural Flavoring.