Our Hemp CBD Oil Wellness Business

How It All Began

When we first set out to sell our Hemp CBD Oil wellness products, we did a simple search online for “Hemp oil with CBD business”. What came back was an overwhelming number of scholarly articles and stories in the news. Honestly, we had no idea what to read first! But we did have a realization… We can create our store and reach so many people with great product and current information.

This overwhelming and occasionally inaccurate information is what you, our customers, see when you’re wondering if hemp CBD oil products can help improve your physical or mental health.

We have always felt that the world needs to know about the amazing power of hemp CBD products, and how they can bring benefits to our bodies and minds. In fact, we originally founded Elite CBD Wellness because several of us here have suffered from health issues. From autoimmune disease and ADD/Autism Spectrum to PCOS and anxiety – we’ve literally been in your shoes. We’ve also been frustrated with the unwanted side effects of prescription pills and over-the-counter drugs that contain harsh chemicals. After trying several different natural remedies, we realized that nothing worked as effectively for us as hemp oil with CBD.

From this moment on, our goal became two-fold: To provide you with the best organic, pesticide-free, hemp CBD products on the market as well as trusted advice for improving the quality of your life. Just take a look around our website. Not only will you find the highest quality tinctures, topical, vape juice, and edibles to help alleviate your symptoms, but you’ll also discover healthy recipes, stress relief tips and guidance for improving your well-being and enriching your everyday life. We even sell safe, natural pet supplements for your four-legged best friend!

As you can see, what started out as a place to sell our products really turned into our mission. We believe that with a balanced Endocannabinoid System, our bodies will reach its balanced state of homeostasis. We seek to support our customers in their quest for optimal health and balance in mind, body, and spirit. We’re devoted to helping you live your best life possible. Welcome to Elite CBD Wellness.

Our Promise

Elite CBD Wellness is really about one thing, and one thing only: You. We’re 100% committed to delivering hemp CBD oil wellness products made from the highest quality ingredients directly to your doorstep. But it doesn’t stop there. We also strive to provide exceptional customer service and support every step of the way. After all, happy customers make us happy!

Do you have questions or concerns about a product or your order? Get in touch and ask away! We’ll do our best to answer you as quickly as possible.

Looking for fast delivery? You’ve got it!
 If you’re looking for quick delivery, choose Elite CBD Wellness! Currently, we only ship to addresses within the United States. We offer free standard USPS shipping. You need a speedier delivery? Just email us for 5.00 Priority USPS mail shipping.

Quality is our #1 priority.
All of our products are third-party lab tested for purity provided by the brand. This guarantees that they are free of harmful elements like pesticides and mold. They are also tested to ensure that they have the proper amount of CBD. If there is a Zero THC claim, we can confirm that as well.

Our Return Policy
Any unopened products can be returned within the first 30 days for a refund or exchange.  Please email support about your return.

We look forward to working with you!

The Elite CBD Wellness Family, our Small Family Business